Our moulding plant is equipped with modern injection moulding machines of the DUO range from the firm Engel. These machines with computer managed setting and measuring of all important parameters (full CNC) guarantee outstanding stability and reproducibility.

Moreover, the DUO range guarantees extraordinary precise closing of the mould and split of pressures into individual guideposts thanks to the subtle construction of hydraulic circuits. Also the quick and expertly efficient service directly in Prague represents a big advantage.

Vstřikování plastů - Lis Engel

At current time we are able to deliver injection moulding up to the volume of 275 ccm. During 2008 we plan to purchase a injection moulding machine with shot volume up to 600 cm.

We dry the materials in molecular driers of the firm Una-Dyne/Jenco and use oil preheating of the moulds from the firm Tool-Temp for moulding of plastics like PPS or PC and several regulators of hot gates. We have a lot of experience with colouration of plastics to requested shades and moulding of plastics in fireproof execution up to UL94 V0.


    • LDPE (polyethylene with low density)

Simple parts without special mechanic requirements e.g. blind flanges of holes

    • TPE (special polyethylene)

Flexible parts, substitution of rubber

    • PS (polystyrene)

Simple parts without special mechanic requirements (guide bars, blind flanges)

    • PA6, PA6 GF30 (polyamide, glass-filled polyamide up to 30%)

 Filled and non-filled polyamide appropriate for middle up to highly exposed parts in machinery and electro-engineering (parts of lamps, machine parts)

    • PPS, PPS GF40 (polyphenylene sulfide, polyphenylene sulfide filled by 40% glass)

Extremely exposed parts with resistance up to 250 º C permanently (parts of halogen lamps)

    • ABS

Middle exposed parts for electro-engineering, parts where high quality of surface or electric parameters are important

    • PVC (polyvinyl chloride)

Capping strips, sporting goods (pucks for inline hockey)

    • PC (polycarbonate)

Highly exposed parts with extreme resistance against breakdown, in case of the option with UV stabilisation long-term resistance also in direct sun, transparent and optical parts of lamps including lens

    • PBTP

Plastic parts appropriate for vacuum coating

    • PEBAX

Half-soft plastic parts with high ability of smells absorption (air refreshers)