Výroba forem -Forma na držák kabelu
Výroba forem -Forma na díly zářivkových svítidel
Výroba forem - Forma na kloub svítidla

Design of the mould

Design of the mould starts already with the design of the injection moulding form when it is necessary to consider the material, type and placement of gate and impact of the injection moulding form on the mould complexity. In many cases it is possible to simplify the injection moulding without an impact on its function or appearance and to significantly decrease the complexity and price of the mould and also of the injection moulding thanks to this. Customers, who order design, construction and production of moulds at our firm, may so benefit from many years of experience of our workers in this area and often achieve significant savings.


Creation of a 3-D model

Creation of a 3-D model in the programme Solid Edge follows after clarification of the injection moulding form. The created model and design documentation are presented to the customer for approval. In case of need we are able to test the model under known load by the method of final elements and to create a model of a part in the machining centre.


Design documentation

Design and construction of the mould follows after the approval of the model and the design documentation, our mould designer ing. Jaroslav Šimberský has more than thirty years of experience in this field e.g. at the company Kooh-I-Noor. We are able to design and consequently manufacture moulds up to the total weight of 400 kg. We have experience with moulds for a very broad spectrum of thermoplastic materials (PA, PE, PC, PPS, PVC….) including moulds with hot gates, heating plates or oil heating. Except of moulds for moulding of thermoplastic materials we have managed the design, construction and production of moulds for die cast of zinc-base and aluminium-base alloys, moulding of rubber mixtures and glass.

Shorten the time

The highly precise and effective machining centre in connection with effective CAM software enabled us to significantly shorten the time for production of moulds and also electrodes for contingent electro-erosion machining.


Testing forms

We will test the produced mould in our moulding plant and hand over the injection moulding with the measuring record to the customer for approval. If the customer chooses also the possibility of moulding in our pressing plant together with the order of the mould, we provide him maintenance and common repairs of the mould for the whole period of its lifetime for free.