• Knurr Electronics AG (D), Knurr s.r.o. (CZ)

We are a strategic supplier of plastic injection mouldings for computer furniture and workshop equipment

    • Jess (CZ)

Injection mouldings for air refreshers

    • Gema (CZ)

Parts for digital indicators at filling stations

    • Rimsa Longoni (I)

Plastic and aluminium injection mouldings for illuminating engineering

    • Sieza (CZ)

Covers of security sensors for the highest demands

    • Dentamed (CZ)

Plastic jettons for advertising purposes

    • p. Straka (CZ)

Fence binders

    • Messer Griesheim (D)

Protective caps for CO2 refills

    • REY (CZ)

Certified pucks for inline hockey